Our flagship product, Indigo, is a cloud-based collaboration tool for managing projects, allowing architects, engineers, and customers to see the same project data in real time. Information is available from any device with a modern web browser and an Internet connection, from smart phones to desktop computers, so Indigo adapts to you. No apps needed.

Indigo has always been about speed, and it is constantly tested and tuned to ensure that information is delivered as fast as possible. There are no bells, whistles or pretty web pages to slow down page downloads. We are working hard to produce a product that is fast and affordable.

Originally designed and used for tracking the installation of equipment on submarines, Indigo morphed into a product to manage construction projects, and has been used on projects ranging in size from $1,000,000 to $500,000,000. Projects have included a dog food manufacturing facility, a sugar beet processing plant, and many projects for the federal government. It is currently being modified to handle other types of projects such as work force augmentation and consulting.

Key features of Indigo include:

  • Project dashboard showing key dates, key personnel, costs and time information
  • Invoice tracking
  • Contract Change Orders and modification tracking
  • Requests For Information (RFI) tracking
  • Project notes
  • Drawings and contract documents (PDFs are currently supported)
  • Submittals from vendors and sub-contractors
  • Monthly project manhour tracking
  • Contact and company directories
  • “Ball in Court” feature to let others know who is responsible for a task
  • Information sent to and retrieved from Indigo is secure and encrypted
  • Change history for all data

New features are added regularly and upgrades are free to all subscribers. Indigo was designed to be affordable to even the one and two person companies to help them compete with the larger players in their industry. For access to our demo site and pricing information, please contact our sales department.